Peltophorum pterocarpum

Syn. Inga pterocarpa, Caesalpinia ferruginea, Caesalpinia inermis, Peltophorum ferrugineum, Peltophorum roxburghii

Arbre de feu, Flanbwayan jón

Yellow flame tree, Flamboyãn amarillo


Floraison spectaculaire



Arbre de feu, peltophore, Copper-pod, golden flame, rain tree, rusty shield bearer, sagabark peltophorum, yellow flamboyant, yellow flame, yellow gold mohur, yellow poinciana, Flamboyán Amarillo, braziletto wood., …








Asia and Australia





Peltophorum pterocarpum is a deciduous tree usually reaching a height of 15-24 m, although it may attain 50 m and a diameter of 50-100 cm.

Bark is smooth, grey, crown dense, and spreading.

Flowers are orange-yellow, each about 2.5 cm in diameter, fragrant, particularly at night; inflorescence brown-tomentose, panicles terminal with rust-colored buds.

Flowering occurs from March-May, although sporadic flowering may occur throughout the year (particularly in young trees), and a second flush of flowers may occur in September-November.

P. Pterocarpum is fast-growing, attaining a height of 9 m in 3 years and flowering when around 4 years.









Culture and care

The tree prefers light to medium free draining alkaline soils although it also tolerates clay soils.

It can resist to 30ºF!

Saok seeds during 24h before plant them.



- Ornemental use



Can be planted as a single plant or in hedge.


Other uses


It is suitable for use as a fodder, Apiculture, fuel wood, Timber (greyish-white, turning grey-brown on aging. The heartwood is light reddish-brown or black, moderately hard, moderately heavy, and somewhat lustrous, with a straight to interlocking grain. The wood is used locally for light construction purposes, cabinet making, sawn or hewn building timbers, wood ware, woodcarving and marquetry)

It is also used for tanning leather, and preserving and dyeing fishing nets.


P. Pterocarpum is a widely-appreciated shade tree, due to its dense spreading crown. It is used in shelterbelts because it is wind firm. 

He has potential for reforestation. It has the ability to fix nitrogen.

Copper-pod is a source of green manure.

Yellow flame is a very beautiful and elegant ornamental tree. The beautiful golden-yellow flowers may be used as cut flowers. 

The tree can be used as a hedge. 


It has been tested in rotational alley-cropping/fallow systems, where it shows promise.




Peltophorum signifie « qui porte un bouclier », par rapport aux fleurs. Pterocarpum signifie « Fruits ailés ».





In Indonesia, the bark is used for fermenting palm wine.

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