Passiflora quadrangularis

Syn. Passiflora macrocarpa

Giant grenadilla


The biggest Passiflora flower



Barbadine, babadin, grenadine, grenadilla, grénadin, grenadier, granadilla, granadillo,  …













It is a big climbing vine that can reach up to 45 ft long, and which is grown both for its ornamental value and its edible fruits.

Leaves from the passion flower are ovate, and can be up to 1 ft in diameter.

This vine has fragrant purple flowers which are about ½ ft wide.

The fruit is a green fruit that is up to 1 ft in diameter.

Stems looks like square.







Seeds or cutting


Culture and care

This vine, like most passion flowers, prefers a well-drained ground.

Plant prefers full sun and trellis.  These can be trained up a sunny wall on the porch to give seasonal shade, and the flower display is a big plus. 

Soak seeds in a jar of water placed in the bright sun for a week or so, then plant about 1/2 inch deep in fast-draining mix and keep very warm.  Germination occurs in about 22 days. 

Protect from frost.





Toxic roots


- Ornemental use


Peut être plantée sur une tonnelle.


- Alimentary use




Etymologie / Etymology



Passiflora comes from «Passion-flower », the signature of the numbers of parts in the flower related to the events of the Passion of Christ. Quadrangularis means « with 4 angles » like the stems.




Immature fruit can be cooked as a vegetable, it tastes like cucumber.


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