Morinda citrifolia

Syn. Morinda lucida, Morinda germinata

Hog apple


All purpose tree



Pomme macaque, rhubarbe caraïbe, noni, bois douleur, fromagier, ponm makak, ponm chyen, fwomagyé, fèy doulè, kowosol zonbi, jumbie breadfruit, hog apple, monkey dumpling, forbidden fruit, wild pine, piña de puerco, bagá, piñuela, gardenia hebionda, paraiso francés, libertad, fruta del Diablo, huevo de reuma, manzana de Puerto Rico, manzanilla, nigua, piñecla, …








Tropical Asia and Australia





Small tree with large, oblong, opposed leaves, white flowers grouped in round bunches. The round or oval white fruit seems like the soursop but have a cheesy odor when ripe.

Blooming from august to October.





Dry zones, sandy coastlines (altitude 0-150m)





Culture and care

In coastal areas, it is resistant to spray and wind. It is very resistant to drought. It supports both acidophilic and basidophilic soils.

Use a substrate based on blond peat (or coconut), river sand and charcoal to ensure good drainage.

Prefer a half shadow exposure for better development.

The seeds germinate naturally between 3 and 6 months. To lift the dormancy you can soak the seeds in an acidified solution of 30% hydrochloric acid for 20 min. Dry the seeds for 1 to 2 days before setting up in a nursery. This method allows germination in 2 months.

The plant fears temperatures below 40°F.




- Medicinal use



Against diarrhea : Decoction of 30g of fresh leaves in 1L of water. Boil 10 minutes covered, let cool, filter and drink 1 cup 4 times a day and/or at each liquid defecation (Source: TRAMIL).


Against rheumatism: Carefully wash the leaf and apply directly enough to cover the affected area. Cover with a compress or clean cloth and change every 4 to 6 hours (Source: TRAMIL).





Do not use with pregnant or nursing women or children.


- Ornemental use



Can be planted as a single plant or in a rocky massif.


- Alimentary use



The fruit is sometimes eaten raw in certain country. The juice is drink for its vertus.


- Other uses



A purple dye is produced from the bark.





Morinda comes from Indian mulberry, (Morus indica)

Citrifolia means citrus-leaved.





Noni juice would have 1000 virtues. 


Somewhere, leaves of Morinda citrifolia are chewed for the psychoactive effect of their amphetamine content

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