Etlingera elatior

Syn. Alpinia elatior, Nicolaia elatior, Alpinia magnifica, Phaeomeria magnifica, Nicolaia magnifica, Elettaria speciosa, Amomum magnificum


Torch ginger


Wonderful Tropical flower



Rose de porcelaine, wòz poslèn, torch ginger, philippine waxflower, flor de cera, gingembre tropical, fleur de cire, kantan, wax flower, porcelain flower, …












Large tropical ginger with a bright pink or red inflorescence. Seedlings may be variable in color. Purchase plants propagated by division or rhizomes if you want to be sure of the exact color. 

Spectacular when blooming.




Tropical rainforest (altitude 0-800m)



Seeds or rhizom


Culture and care


This Ginger can grow even in shade than in full sun but is not tolerant of freezing temperatures. 40°F is the lowest temperature. He likes water.

In rich soil plants will be huge. 

Put the plant inside or in a veranda during winter, in a jar.





- Ornemental use



Very nice indoor plant. Can be planted as a single plant or in a edge. Cultivated for tropical cut flowers.


- Alimentary use



Beverages, syrup, marmelade, raw flowers, punch, roots are edibles. 





The name Etlingera comes from the German botanist Andreas Ernst Etlinger and elatior means «higher» in Latin.




Andreas Ernst Etlinger wrote «De salvia dissertatio inaugularis», published in 1777. This book can be consulted online at the BSB.