Chrysophyllum cainito

Syn. Chrysophyllum cainito var. martinicensis, Chrysophyllum cainito var. pomiferum, Cainito pomiferum, Chrysophyllum caimito 

Star apple tree


Delicious fruit                                                                               


Caïmitier, Kayimit, star apple, fat pork, caimito, pomme de lait, cainite, pomme étoilée, ablaca, golden leaf tree …








Greater Antilles




Star apple tree is a tropical fruit tree native to West Indies.

Its leaves can help to recognize him. They are bicolored, glossy dark green on the upper face and velvety coppery-gold colour at the underside.

There is 3 variety here, depending on the fruit :

Chrysophyllum cainito (fruits < 9cm)

Chrysophyllum cainito  var. martinicensis (green fruits > 9cm)

Chrysophyllum cainito var. pomiferum (purple fruits > 9cm)

When you cut the fruit you will see a star.

It is very important to eat that fruit ripe because of astringent latex.

Flowering occurs from May to July.




Cultivations (Alt. 0-700m) 



Seeds, layering and grafting


Culture and care



Seeds take 20-40 days to sprout, you can also scarify them.

Easy to grow in every soil, during winter protect it from the cold, it resist at 30°F. 




- Ornemental use



Wonderfull tree. Have to be planted as a single plant or bonsai.


- Other uses


Seeds are use for handcrafting. 

Almonds inside seeds are use to make a seed milk.

Fruits are eaten raw or in marmelade, syrup and juice.




Chrysophyllum vient du grec chrussous, doré et phyllum, feuille.

Cainito vient du Taïno, amérindiens qui peuplaient les grandes Antilles.


Chrysophyllum comes from greek « chrussous », golden et « phyllum », leaves.

Cainito comes from Taïno, amerindian tribe which once populated the greater Antilles.




Traditionally it is recommended to drink an infusion twice a day  to treat diabetes, starting with just one leaf and adding each day a leaf until reaching 9 or 11 leaves, then decreasing the dose by one leaf per day for another 9 to 11 days.